Social Responsibility

For De la Vega & Martínez Rojas, sustainability is a vital part of our DNA, which is why we have firmly and voluntarily decided to exercise socially responsible management in our daily decisions and operations, consistent with our institutional principles and values.

As a result of this, in 2022 the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) recognized us for the first time with the ESR® Distinction, which is awarded to leading companies for their commitment to providing social value to their operation. This distinction acknowledges our responsibility and the concrete actions that we apply within the company and in our field of action, aimed at consolidating our reputation and corporate practices for the benefit our clients, collaborators, and stakeholders.

In order to strengthen our management as a socially responsible company, we defined our main Lines of Action as part of our business and continuous improvement strategy.


La educación es un derecho humano, el camino al desarrollo y el acceso a mejores oportunidades para reducir la pobreza, lograr la igualdad de género, la paz y la estabilidad. En DLVM nos enfocamos en incidir en la educación de calidad para asegurar un mejor futuro para todos.

Quality of life

Contribuimos a mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas que forman parte de nuestra equipo de trabajo y comunidad. Estamos convencidos que la mejora de la comunidad fortalece el bienestar integral de la sociedad, promoviendo un entorno más justo y equitativo para todos.

Business ethics

Nuestro compromiso con la Ética Empresarial se centra en promover la práctica de los valores institucionales que rigen nuestras decisiones y acciones, en busca del bienestar común en la sociedad.


We work constantly on generating value proposals that have a positive impact on our environment, thus fostering a favorable change. Our key Environmental Objectives, which allow us to make a difference are:

Reduction in the use of Energy

Reduction in the use of Paper

Reduction in the use of Water

Responsible waste management

We are sure that,

with your participation and adoption of these practices in our daily work, we will strengthen our Firm’s strategy,

contributing to the construction of a more equitable and fairer Mexico for all.