Individual Litigation

In this area, we conduct an analysis of labor complaints, and we study them to determine the best defense strategy.

Our labor litigation team is composed of highly skilled lawyers with specific legal knowledge in the resolution of dis- putes, and a business vision focused on preventing expenses for our clients.

The practice of litigation is governed by high standards of quality and ethics, and compliance with national and international rules regarding the relationship with the governmental entities.

The preparation of writs of the answer to the complaint, offering and admission of evidence, as well as any other document to be submitted as part of the procedure.

Handling hearings before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, whether Local or Federal, or before Labor Courts in those jurisdictions in which Conciliation and Arbitration Boards have already been substituted.

The preparation of indirect and direct amparo suits, as well as handling the proceedings of amparo suits before District Courts, Collegiate Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.