Labor intelligence

Your company needs Labor Intelligence to make the best decisions, a specialized service to help mitigate labor risk, whether it is because you want a union-free environment or because you need to strengthen your union relationship to ensure a democratic labor consultation process, maintain the stability of the work environment, mitigate risks, and face any crisis with professionalism. We provide you with the most current reports designed according to your company’s needs.

Our information is divided into three categories:

External risk diagnostics

National Symphor of Union Activity: offers periodic nationwide information on union activity in the industry to identify risk areas and issues.

GPS Labor: scanning of union activity and composition in a specific area (neighborhood, neighborhood, city or town).

Union profiling: provides information on the activity of a specific union, identifying their union activity, and unionized workplaces.

Digital conversation tracking: reporting on social networks and media conversation about the unionization in a workplace.

Monitoring of applications: continuous monitoring of the publication of Certificates of Representation and other official channels on unionization attempts within the Company.

Compensation benchmarking: comparison of salaries and benefits of the company versus competitors.

Internal risk diagnosis

Identification of informal leaders and sociometrics: identifies informal leaders to capitalize on their influence in the company.

Labor pulse: a digital survey of 30% of unionized employees to identify areas of risk and potential union flags.

Unionization vulnerability diagnostic: provides a diagnosis of union presence and positioning through focus groups.

Strategic consulting and preparation

Training and implementation of labor crisis management (unionization): this service prepares the company to react to union activity through the implementation of the labor intelligence toolbox and design of the reaction process.

Training Workshop on Collective Bargaining: its objective is to prepare management and the human resources department in the handling of the initial negotiations for the comprehensive salary revision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the initial Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Training for managers and supervisors in labor practices: the objective is to prepare and introduce managers or supervisors to work practices and the identification of occupational hazards or, to train them according to the needs of the company.

Training of informal leaders with workshops to prepare them for the labor practices and risk identification: the objective is to prepare informal leaders on labor to capitalize on their influence during the labor crisis.

Designing tailor-made strategies for risk situations in collective labor relations: the aim is to develop and/or implement a crisis strategy for the labor relations crisis, with or without the presence of a union in a union-free or non-unionized environment. This strategy is designed according to the needs of each company requesting the service.

Tailor-made strategy design for the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements: elaboration and/or execution of the strategy for the negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements, costing of clauses and allocation of resources on an individual basis, according to the company’s particular needs.