Companies opt less for home office

Official Mexican Standard 037 that will regulate the health and safety conditions for teleworking as of December threatens to limit the practice of this modality. This is due to over-regulation, as it entails an important administrative and liability burden for employers, experts tell EL UNIVERSAL. “The actual percentage of people in the formal sector currently […]

The use of the Industry-wide agreement inhibits investment

The prevalence of the industry-wide agreement of the rubber industry in Goodyear is a bad precedent for tire companies and other industries, as it inhibits investment due to the high cost of the benefits that it includes, warn labor lawyers. Óscar de la Vega, labor lawyer, said in an interview that this situation in Goodyear […]

Goodyear, regrettable solution

An unfortunate precedent was published today by the Mexican government, upon today’s issuance and publication of the remediation agreement applicable to the Goodyear plant located at San Luis Potosi, deriving from a RAPID RESPONSE LABOR MECHANISM, in which the mentioned company is forced to apply the INDUSTRY-WIDE AGREEMENT of the RUBBER INDUSTRY, despite the fact […]

Why do so many organizational change initiatives fail?

“Managing change is not an organizational luxury, it is probably one of the most important activities and one that often receives less attention because we believe that, in the end, we will end up adapting. The problem is at what cost and what the consequences along the way will be.” “We are working against human […]

Challenges for the new Secretary of Labor

The change in union democracy is “like rock and roll, here to stay” and strike actions await us, said Óscar de la Vega, expert in labor matters. #ElFinancieroTV 📺: @JC_Barajas