A new employment relationship between the Government and Mexicana is envisioned

In the agreement for the Government to acquire the assets of Mexicana, it is foreseeable that a new labor relationship with the former workers of the airline will be considered, labor lawyers believe. The government would allocate resources to comply with the payment of labor liabilities, they added, and would seek a different working relationship […]

What does the map of labor risk in Mexico say?

Analyzing the level of legitimation of collective bargaining agreements (CCTs) completed to date, it is clear that on May 1, 2023 we will enter a stage that will be completely different from what we have experienced in the las thirty years in labor matters in the country. According to the numbers provided by the Federal […]

Labor challenges for companies

#ÍndiceEconómico Wednesday, Oscar de la Vega, Founding Partner of @DLVMRabogados, talks to is about the labor outlook that awaits us in 2023. @dariocelise, @marielenavega and Rogelio Varela will be waiting for you at 23:45 at @adn40 @adnopinion

The labor sins carry their union penance

This year we are facing rapid response mechanisms, successful and failed legitimations, union certifications, but above all, a new tenor in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements