Labor and corporate immigration

In Mexico, it is easy for any company in good standing with the SAT [Tax Administration Service] to hire foreign personnel. Edgar Mayorga, a lawyer specializing in immigration, talks about this topic in “Indice Económico” [Economy Index].

244 labor contracts have not been legitimized

With the labor reform that has been approved, unions have the obligation of legitimizing their labor agreements; a few days before the deadline for this term, there are 244 agreements that have not been legitimized, reported the Labor Engineering report by the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas Firm. The report reveals that there are failed legitimations […]

Bank employees to receive fantastic profit sharing

Record profits due to the rise in interest rates and the reform that eliminated outsourcing in Mexico are factors that will generate outstanding employee profit sharing for bank employees on  the 2022 fiscal year profits of the groups that they work at, experts foresee. Manuel Fuentes, labor analyst and member of the faculty of the […]

Only 10% of all registered collective bargaining agreements have been ratified

The De la Vega & Martínez Rojas Firm presented the Ingeniería Laboral D&M [D&M Labor Engineering] Report, which analyzes the situation of the legitimation of collective bargaining agreements (CCTs) that must be conducted by union organizations before the first day of May of 2023. The report highlights that the Labor Reform established one of the great challenges of collective […]

244 collective bargaining agreements have been terminated in almost four years

The Ingeniería Laboral D&M [D&M Labor Engineering] Report analyzes the failed legitimations reported by the Federal Center for Labor Conciliation and Registration which, as of April of 2023, show that 244 collective bargaining agreements were terminated as the result of a process of negative voting by the workers.

Labor intelligence, key in understanding CCT legitimations

“In the process of adapting to the new reality of union life in the country, over the next few years we will face new risks associated with union scenarios in which companies will see an excess of ‘players without a seat at the table’. How to prepare ourselves in face of this reality? How to anticipate the level of risk in order to develop an appropriate labor strategy?”