The working class goes to heaven

Well, no, not that much, not yet, but the working class is on the rise after four decades of not having progressed even an inch, and noting this should change the narrative that we make in regard to our country. – Never in 40 years – said to me Oscar de la Vega, labor lawyer – […]

NOM-037: A crossroads for home office work in Mexico

Standard-037 seeks to establish the optimal safety and health conditions at the workplaces in which people work under the teleworking modality, also known as “Home Office”, even though its implications could be at risk of falling on the border of “over regulation”.

First time boss? Bases for good team management

Your first job promotion not only entails a growth in your responsibility for results, you are now also responsible for managing a team of people. The skills that led you to grow in your position will not necessarily be the same ones that will help you to be successful in this new level. What do […]

The working class is reborn

Connect to Largo aliento, a space for analysis and reflection with journalist and writer Sabina Berman. Interview with:– Pablo Franco, representative of the International Lawyers Assisting Workers Network ILAW.– Oscar de la Vega, lawyer – founding partner of De la Vega & Martínez Rojas