How Many Days’ Notice to Resign in Peru

What happens if I resign without 15 days’ notice? Resigning with one day’s notice: Does it affect your reputation and employment opportunities? While the law does not require a specific prior notice to the employer, resigning without prior notice can create a negative perception and damage the professional image of the employee. The lack of […]

Unions will ‘fight’ for 84% of the workers

The labor reform left a balance of 16 percent of formal workers that are unionized, which leaves the path clear for unions to seek the affiliation of the 84 percent of the people that were left without representation. Blanya Correal, an expert of the De la Vega & Martínez Law Firm, pointed out that an increase of […]

How to sensitize workers for the revision of collective bargaining agreements?

Close to 30,000 collective bargaining agreements (CCTs)  were legitimized within the framework of the implementation of the labor reform. But the party did not end there; in fact, it is barely getting started. This becomes evident in the more than 2,900 applications for certificates of representativeness that, based on information provided by the Federal Center […]

Intense Battle of Union Organizations to Recover Collective Bargaining Agreements

Now that the legitimation of Collective Bargaining Agreements (CCT) has ended, the various union organizations of the country have started a battle, as in the old days, to obtain the representation of the trade unions that have not been able to reach collective labor agreements yet. It is an attractive concern because, for example, in […]