Index brings attention to the challenge of mobility faced by the industry in BC

Note published on June 2 in the Tijuana Informativo, Tijuana Section by the Editorial Department.



The Association of the Maquiladora and Export Industry (Index Coastal Zone BC) held the monthly meeting of its members, in which Luis Manuel Hernández G., president of Index National and Enrique Quezada president Index Querétaro appeared as special guests.

Also present were Alberto Serrano, Director of Ventuk Nómina;  Enrique García Conde, Partner at  De la Vega & Martínez Rojas and Alejandro Arregui Ibarra, head of the Department of Labor and Social Welfare of the  Baja California government.

In the opening remarks by the president of Index Coastal Zone BC, Pedro Montejo Peterson, he made reference to the impetus that the association is placing on the topic of mobility, as this is one of the great challenges faced by the state’s industry.

He mentioned the project for the repair of roads in industrial zones and in the export alley which affect the sector due to their terrible conditions.

He said that there are many industries located in the section going into Maneadero and, since the road has not been reclassified, trucks have to travel along the scenic highway.

This situation, he added, has caused some companies to lose their workers given that, due to the impossibility of traveling on the highway that goes from El Sauzal to Tecate, they have to start their work at dawn to be able to deliver merchandise on time.

Montejo Peterson also gave a summary of the recent activities conducted by Index Coastal Zone BC.

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