Lawyers recommend reviewing and updating labor protocols after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic

Note published on May 22 in Más Noticias, Noticias [News] Section, by Mahaleth Guevara.



After the WHO declared the end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency, nations followed this determination, as in the case of Mexico, which makes it necessary for companies to review the labor agreements that were established to manage labor relationships during the pandemic.

Covid-19 is an endemic and not an epidemic disease, that is, it will be present in the population permanently, mainly in the winter.

Jorge Cervantes, director of the De la Vega & Martínez Rojas labor Law Firm’s Labor Business School, said that it is advisable that each company, taking into account the particularities of its work environment, starts by reviewing and updating the policies established during the health emergency, such as, for example:

  • The review of social distancing
  • The use of protective equipment.
  • Cleaning and disinfection.
  • The review of Teleworking.
  • Fostering vaccination.
  • Prevention and control measures at work and within the family.
  • Periodic risk assessments.
  • Action plans for minimizing exposure to the virus, particularly in the winter.

Each of the actions taken by the companies “must be analyzed and the ones that have permitted having a positive work environment and a growth in productivity must be maintained.”

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