Profit sharing unleashes conflicts in industries

Some of the companies in which there is dissatisfaction are Aguacates Chahena and, in the automotive sector, Frankische and Moriroku Technology de México. Lack of transparency in the payment, among the causes.

Note published on May 20, 2024 in Companies section, by María del Pilar Martínez, mention: Oscar De la Vega.



As the deadline for companies to comply with the payment of profit sharing approaches, conflict has arisen in various sectors, as in the case of the avocado workers, or those who work in the automotive industry.

According to information from Víctor Manuel Mendoza, general secretary of the National Central Confederation (Cocena), there is dissatisfaction over the payment of profit sharing in companies such as Aguacates Chahena and Más R.L., located in Uruapan, as well as in Mission de México, located in Zamora, Michoacán.

Mendoza explained that workers conducted a work stoppage, in protest to the profit sharing paid by the company, as there was no transparency in the process and the front page of the Treasury document to verify the amount to be granted was not presented.

He explained that, deep down, there is an interest on the part of the company that workers do not become affiliated to the Cocena, whose union is the José María Morelos y Pavón Union of Workers and Employees of the Food and Agriculture Industry of the Mexican Republic. “There is a strong resistance to adapt to this new reality in the world of labor”, the leader explained.

“The workers have conducted demonstrations at each work center, even leading to confrontations with the police, whose duty is to ensure the integrity of the citizenship. These workers are treated like criminals for demanding their rights and their freedom to choose the union that they want”, the union leader stated.

In this regard, Óscar de la Vega, founding partner of D&M Abogados, explained that, while there are instances established in the Federal Labor Law (LFT) in which profit sharing is not paid, it is also true that companies have the obligation of informing workers, in the most transparent manner, about the 10% of the profits that corresponds to them for the activities conducted the previous year.

He said that in the case of the workers that are affiliated to a union, they can call to strike for non-payment; workers, on an individual basis, may demand to see the front page of the Treasury document to know the details of the amount that corresponds to the workers and, if applicable, the labor inspection area is the one responsible for following up on workers’ dissatisfaction.

Another one of the sectors in which conflicts have been noticed is the automotive sector, in the Frankische and Moriroku Technology de México companies.

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